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If you wish to leave the city behind and experience the pleasure of working when you want and how you want look no further.

Approximately 45 minutes South of San Francisco International Airport and located in one of the most serene and relaxing areas along the California Coast is Coastside Recording. This secluded purpose built recording facility is tucked into a hillside, which overlooks both the Butano Canyon Forest and the picturesque valleys that lead to the small and friendly town of Pescadero (2 miles), Highway 1 and the Pacific Ocean (4miles). Hiking and Coastal trails abound.

This facility was created with two things in mind

- The creative needs of the client
- Cost effectiveness

You will not find a game room, a television (one is available only by demand) or any other man made distraction that will hinder creativity and the making of music. The atmosphere is low-key while still maintaining a high professional standard. It is a seamless synergy between what the client wants and what he actually needs to create at the highest level.


- Should accommodations be required there are an abundance of Bed and Breakfast facilities and Hotels / Spas at various levels of luxury within a short distance.

- At an extra cost to the client various different levels of catering can be arranged upon request.

The Recording Facility:

The Studio facility was built upon the “site adapted” principles and concepts of studio designer Neil Grant of Harris, Grant Associates of London. The adapted design was primarily based on a facility designed by his firm, which was to be built in Amsterdam, the Netherlands prior to finding this much more preferable site. Neil Grant is responsible for the design of Peter Gabriel’s studio “Real World”, The “Hit Factory”, New York, “Starstruck”, Nashville and Chateau du Pape, Hamburg Germany. The facility was acoustically treated and tuned by Bob Hodas. His list of credits includes the room tuning of Abbey Road, London, A&M Studio’s, Los Angeles and Sony Studio’s, Japan.

The Studio is virtually a totally self-contained 900 sq.ft (or +/- 300sq. meter) control room. It was “purpose” built to be a very large and “relaxing” living room, which instead of furniture has recording equipment. To add to the relaxed creative atmosphere, floor to ceiling 17th Century Stained-Glass panels are featured in the Sunrise and Sunset corners of the room. While primarily configured for mixing and overdubs the room can as well be configured to deal with almost any manner of recording that may be required. The “Flexibility” and simplicity of the design allows you the ability to have personal contact with each other at all times. Mix magazine has featured newly constructed studios in both Nashville and Los Angeles that have been built using virtually this same concept, as it is both cost effective to the builder and to the client, without any loss of quality in the recording process.



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